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Glossworkz Glaze, Applicator & Happy Ending Microfiber Kit

Glossworkz Glaze, Applicator & Happy Ending Microfiber Kit

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Kit Contains

1 x Glossworkz Glaze-Super Finish

1 x Blue Premium Grade Microfiber Applicator

1 x Black Happy Ending Towel 

Glossworkz is a premium self-levelling glaze that fills in micro-scratches, warms the glow, deepens the depth, and enhances the reflection on any colour vehicle.

The Premium Grade Microfiber Applicator is the ideal choice to apply the perfect amount of your favourite Chemical Guys waxes, sealants, glazes, dressings, and more without scratching the surface.

The Happy Ending Towel is a fluffy edgeless towel tailored for the softest touch on sensitive surfaces that traps and insulates any missed dirt, dust, and debris to help prevent swirls and scratches.

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