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Mystery Box

Mystery Box

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What's in the box? We can't say? But we do know that all your friends and family will be green with envy! Every unique Mystery Box is assembled to put the shine on your car, and a smile on your face. Don't know what to get the car fanatic in your life? Chemical Guys has you covered! Our team of product specialists pack each box to take on heavy duty detailing jobs inside or outside your vehicle. You could get the latest and greatest synthetic car wax sealant, a brand new air freshener scent, or a tried-and-true fan-favourite heavy duty degreaser. You can get your favourite Chemical Guys car wash soap, or one you never thought to try before. Prepare to try new things, make new favourite product choices, and have even more fun detailing your car with the Chemical Guys.

Small Box - At least £55 of products is guaranteed - Only £34.99

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Large Box - At least £220 of product is guaranteed - Only £139.99

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