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SMARTWAX SmartGel (4oz)

SMARTWAX SmartGel (4oz)

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SmartGel provides maximum long-lasting enrichment and restores older and already improved rubber and hard plastic parts and tires. SmartGel moistens, reduces and prevents dehydration and fading over a longer period of time. This super polymer emulsion repels against water and impurities. Extremely efficient, even a small amount of SmartGel prevents (too) early aging and fading of black plastic and rubber parts. Developed with co-polymers to repair paint parts that have already been refined and provided with an as-new look.

SmartGel embellished and offers protection by forming a barrier against sun and water. SmartGel provides a long-lasting deep dark finish on tires, rubbers and hard (black) plastic (decorative) mouldings on body and bumper. SmartGel does more than just provide shine. It also applies an impenetrable coating that protects against contamination, weather, temperature changes, sunlight and UV radiation.

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