Chemical Guys Car Air Freshener Sprays

Chemical Guys Car Air Freshener Sprays

We all like our immediate surroundings to smell pleasant and fresh, no matter where we are – but this is especially important if you are in a confined space, like a car. You can get car air fresheners in just about any garage to make your vehicle smell nicer – usually a pine, lemon or similar fragrance is what we get for convenience.

You can, though, be far more adventurous and opt for something more exciting, stimulating or luxurious than these ’run-of-the-mill’ smells – Chemical Guys produce an extensive range of different car air freshener sprays that can brighten your car – and your day – every time you drive somewhere.

Here are some typical examples from their substantial collection:

Fresh Cut Grass Air Freshener

What do you hate about cutting your lawn? Yes, that’s right – ACTUALLY having to cut it! What do you love about cutting your lawn? It’s that gorgeous fresh cut grass smell! Well, here’s how you get to have the good bit, without the chore of actually mowing your grass - Chemical Guys Fresh Cut Grass Air Freshener and Odour Eliminator!

One spray from this and it will evoke memories of innocent, carefree sunny days spent with your friends and family in a freshly-mowed park or field, or playing football or tennis with your mates on pristine turf on a hot summer’s day! The natural, fresh smell carries with it that ‘feel good’ sense of satisfaction and contentment we all feel on a bright spring or summer day, with the hot sun on our backs – and you can experience that all year round with this “summer in a bottle “ spray!

This fresh, crisp scent is, not only an air freshener, but also, an effective odour eliminator – so will replace the fast food and wet dog smells in your car with the sensation of outdoors and happier times!

New Car Smell Air Freshener

For many of us, one of the most exciting and memorable experiences we have is getting a new car – and part of that experience is that ‘new car smell’ that comes with the treasured vehicle! It’s quite a unique smell – the fresh upholstery, clean carpets, maybe some leather, clean rubber and plastic – it’s all part of what, for most of us, is the rare and luxurious experience of a new car!

The big problem is that it doesn’t last that long – once you’ve taken the family, pets and all, out and about in it a few times, that fresh, new smell has been replaced by snacks eaten, dogs walked and rain soaked clothes.

Now though, you can renew that fabulous smell with Chemical Guys New Car Smell – one spray has your car smelling like the first time it rolled out of the showroom, or off the forecourt, and you were putting the keys in the ignition for the first time. The spray also acts as an odour eliminator, as well as an air freshener, so you are not just ‘masking’ the everyday, unwanted smell, but actually replacing it with the new car smell you love.

Leather Smell Air Freshener

There is something about the smell and feel of fresh leather! It invokes a sensation of opulence and luxury – a sort of quality you love to be associated with. If you’ve ever owned a luxury car, with beautifully upholstered, soft leather seats then you’ll know what I mean – which makes it all the more upsetting when that luxurious scent is replaced by everyday smells from everyday life!

You can, though, now reintroduce that classy, sophisticated atmosphere to your car, simply by spraying Chemical Guys Leather Scent Premium Air Freshener and Odour Eliminator into your vehicle. This spray acts as an odour removal agent as well as an air freshener, and can be used anywhere, not just in your car. You can purge any stale or unpleasant smell from any enclosed space, and replace it with that lovely, sophisticated, plush scent that leaves your car, or room, with an expensive smelling aroma creating a designer, high-end environment.


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