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Exterior Car Cleaning Kits

If you take pride in your vehicle and want it to stand out, then you're in the right place. The official UK Chemical Guys website is the ultimate destination for car detailing enthusiasts.

Elevate your car cleaning game with our carefully selected exterior car cleaning kits. Whether you're a pro or just starting out on your detailing journey, our range of car wash kits are designed to give you outstanding results and make your car shine like never before.

At Chemical Guys we take car cleaning seriously. Our passion for perfection drives us to create car cleaning products that exceed expectations. Our exterior kits have been crafted to fulfil all your detailing needs, and make your next wash an enjoyable experience.

Unleash your creativity and achieve amazing results with our advanced shampoos, waxes and sealant products. Plus, as attention to detail is crucial, many of our kits come complete with microfiber towels, applicator pads and brushes. Our easy to use products make achieving professional-level results a reality for everyone. Why settle for a mundane car cleaning experience when you can transform it into an exciting and rewarding journey with Chemical Guys?

Your car will thank you, and you'll wonder how you ever lived without us.