Is interior car detailing worth it?

Is interior car detailing worth it?

Dust covered dashboards and stained seats are an all too common scenario for many car owners, which raises the question: is interior car detailing really worth the effort?

The answer is naturally longer than you might expect. Interior car detailing goes far beyond just making your car look clean and tidy, it's very important for car maintenance and keeping value in your vehicle. It also significantly enhances your driving experience, which can be especially important to people who spend a great deal of time in their cars.

Below we're going to explore the benefits of interior car detailing and introduce budding detailing enthusiasts to some quality Chemical Guys products.

Interior car detailing isn't just for luxury, it's necessary to keep your vehicle in great condition.

Understanding interior car detailing

Interior car detailing involves a professional approach to cleaning the inside of your car. It extends beyond just cleaning, it's aimed at restoring and protecting all interior surfaces in your car. This includes hard to reach areas such as in storage areas and carpets.

Interior detailing usually starts with a thorough vacuum to remove all loose dirt and debris. Next attention should switch to the dashboard, door panels and seats. For leather interiors, conditioning is vital to avoid cracking and fading. 

When it comes to product options, as a start point you can't go wrong with Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant. It's perfect for a wide range of surfaces, offering a gentle but effective clean. 

The benefits of interior car detailing

The impact of detailing the inside of your car goes beyond aesthetics. It's a process of both protecting and deep cleaning which maintains the quality of the surfaces and ultimately the vale of your vehicle.

1. Maintain your interior components

If dirt and spills are left untreated it can lead to permanent damage to upholstery, plastic, vinyl or leather surfaces. Professional detailing will ensure these surfaces are not only kept clean but also protected. Regular interior cleaning will also become easier as dirt and grime should easily lift off treated surfaces.

2. Health and hygiene

The inside of your car can become a breeding ground for bacteria, especially in hard to reach areas. A full detail, which should included the deep cleaning of carpets and seats, should dramatically reduce the presence of any harmful allergens.

Tackling stubborn stains and odors will ensure your car is much healthier environment to spend time in.

3. Comfort and wellbeing

There's not much that beats the satisfaction you feel from getting into a car that looks, feels and smells fresh and clean. The right detailing techniques should restore your interior to showroom quality, making any driving experience far more enjoyable. 

4. Maintain resale value

Maintaining your interior a key part of preserving your car's resale value. Potential buyers will always want to see a well looked after interior. It's also a good signal that you've cared for the vehicle throughout the time you've owned it. 


DIY vs Professional Detailing

Each approach offers it's own benefits. You will get a great deal of personal satisfaction from detailing your vehicle yourself, but using a professional service should guarantee thoroughness. 

Doing it yourself

This is the ideal route for those you prefer a hands on approach or who wish save on costs, especially long term. With the right detailing products and using the right techniques, there's no reason why a budding enthusiast can't achieve professional grade results. Doing it yourself gets you closer to your vehicle as you can provide unlimited personalised care to each area, and give you great satisfaction.

Professional detailing

An ideal route for those short of time or those reluctant to take on deeper detailing tasks. Experts will have immediate access to the right products, tools and accessories to guarantee a comprehensive clean throughout. This could be particularly beneficial for high value vehicles where maintaining surfaces can be challenging.

Chemical Guys products to get your started

At Chemical Guys we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, each as been engineered to be kind to surfaces but also effective at protecting and restoring them. 

To get you started on your interior detailing journey, below we've listed 4 easy to use and effective products.

1. Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant

We've also discussed Total Interior as it's a versatile product and a must have for anyone serious about cleaning and maintaining their car's interior. It's not just a great cleaner, it's protectant that safeguards against fading and cracking. It's gentle on all surfaces in your car from plastic to leather, even your console screen. It's the perfect all-in-one solution.

2. Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Leather surfaces require special care and Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is formulated for the task. It's designed to penetrate deep into the leather to remove dirt, while the conditioner replenishes the material to keep it soft and supple. Regular cleaning can prevent leather from cracking and fading.

3. Lightning Fast Stain Extractor

A powerhouse of a product, Lightning Fast is ideal for tackling stubborn stains on fabrics and upholstery. It's a fast acting formula that breaks down all kinds of stains that may occur in your car and makes cleaning them a breeze. Beyond just cleaning, it also netralises unpleasant odors, leaving upholstery looking and smelling fresh.


4. New Car Smell Air Freshener

The final touch of any interior detailing session is ensuring your car smells as good as it looks. Our range of air freshener sprays, includes New Car Smell which eliminates odors and leaves behind a pleasant scent reminiscent of a brand new car. 

So is interior detailing worth it?

From extending the life of your vehicle's interior and ensuring a healthy driving environment, to enhancing its aesthetic appeal and potentially boosting its resale value, the benefits are clear.

Interior car detailing is much more than a luxury. So, next time you consider skipping a detailing session, remember the significant advantages it holds. With the right approach and products, the effort is undoubtedly worth it.

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