Commercial Car Wash Supplies for Detailers

Commercial Car Wash Supplies for Detailers

For professional detailers

As a professional detailer professional car cleaning products and treatments are your bread and butter, so you won’t want to skimp on cheap and unusable commercial car wash equipment that could damage your business reputation.

The Chemical Guys UK offer only premium quality products that will leave a gleaming finish for your customers. If you are looking for professional car cleaning products that you can trust then you won’t be disappointed with our goods!

Make sure you apply for a commercial account to receive your discount and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about new product releases and other The Chemical Guys news.

For valet services

If you run a valet service, whether mobile or on site, you will need car wash supplies that will do an efficient job and provide a professional finish to keep your customers coming back again and again. Chemical Guys provide car cleaning products that are ideal for use both on the inside and the outside of vehicles on a multitude of different services from leather to glass, vinyl to acrylic.

For professional valet businesses that sign up, we offer a discount price on our specialist cleaning products to afford you better margin on your pricing whilst leaving your customers happy with your service.

For car dealerships

Making a second hand car look as good as new is no easy task, especially depending on the care that was taken by its previous owner. If you often find that your second hand cars come in looking a bit crumpled and, let’s face it, filthy – then you will want to consider signing up for an account with The Chemical Guys.

Approved professional accounts are entitled to a discount that will help you get commercial car wash equipment that will leave your second hand cars looking as good as new!

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