How To Choose The Right Car Cleaning Accessories

How To Choose The Right Car Cleaning Accessories

Choosing the wrong car cleaning accessories can spell disaster for a vehicle! Keeping your car in perfect condition can only be achieved by using the correct car wash accessories to achieve the best results.

Particular products for a particular purpose

There are a variety of stages to giving your car a through clean and polish and not every stage needs to be done every time you clean - different products suit different cleaning stages and needs.

A selection of car wash accessories are available, soaps, protectants, and polishers, to maintain your motor.

Exterior car wash accessories

Wash mitts, pads, and extendable reach poles can be used for cleaning bodywork even on the largest of vehicles. Made from premium microfiber to ensure a scratch free clean for on paintwork these car wash accessories are an essential piece of car cleaning kit.  Microfiber wheel wedges will help keep alloys clean, safe, and super shiny.

For those that prefer a little power behind their wash, guns and cannons provide efficient cleaning. Products are available for use with pressure washers or with a standard garden hose for easy removal of mud, dust, and dirt on even the dirtiest truck or car.

From car shampoo designed to be used specifically with microfiber car cleaning accessories, to waterless car wash, and varied waxes – a potent selection of chemical combinations will safely clean and protect paintwork.

Microfiber drying towels can be used for a variety of different surfaces - from windows to gauge clusters and beyond! The ultimate for soaking up water after car wash off, or for buffing for streak free finish. The nap of the towel will dictate what purpose it is best for – high nap is ideal for removing excess water, low nap is ideal for buffing and polishing.

Windows and glass require a different kind of cleaning product than paintwork to eliminate streaks, spots, and stains. Ideal if you want perfectly clear interior and exterior glass surfaces.

Interior Car Cleaning Accessories

Sometimes a smell will invade your car that you just can’t shift, sometimes you’ll just want to freshen it up a little. From odour neutralisers to air fresheners – leave the car interior smelling as if it were brand new… or of bubblegum – it’s your choice! Leather cleaner and polishes are ideal for protecting leather upholstery and buffing out blemishes.

Car Detailing Accessories

Orbital polishers, backing plates, erasers and more that are ideal for removing swirls and scratches from paintwork. Chemical Guys polishers are streamlined and balanced for a specialised professional touch. If you are battling with defects and oxidation, buffing pads will restore sheen and depth to paintwork.

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