How to Clean Car Tyres and Add Shine

How to Clean Car Tyres and Add Shine

When we are cleaning our cars, we naturally pay great attention to the body work, glass and metallic elements, cleaning, shining and buffing these surfaces until they gleam. It is easy though, to overlook another very important feature – the tyres!

When your is car shining away on your drive, you don’t want the appearance to be marred by scruffy, dirty wheels!

Your tyres inevitably accumulate dirt, grease and grime in everyday use – they are quite easy to maintain but it can be a messy job. To properly clean and protect your tyres you need to use the right tools and products.

Here are a few tips in how to keep your tyres looking clean and new and finishing off that smart appearance of your car:

Consider the space you need to move around your vehicle

The first thing to ensure is that you have comfortable and full access to all the tyres you’re cleaning.

Locate the car in a well-lit space that allows you sufficient room to move around the vehicle and be able to identify and scrub thoroughly any grease and dirt the tyres may be retaining. This will make it much easier to calculate the amount of cleaning product you will require for each of your individual tyres.

Apply your tyre cleaning product

Dilute your chosen cleaning product in the recommended ratios, then apply the cleanser to the tyre surface. Ensure the whole surface is covered but pay special attention to the areas of the tyres that have the most ingrained marks and dirt.

Once applied, leave the cleaning product to sit on the tyre surface for a few seconds in order to properly penetrate the grime and grease – remember to treat all tyres individually as some will need deeper cleaning than others.

Once the product has penetrated and agitated the dirt, use an appropriate stiff brush and work the tyre surface, first in a circular motion, then from left to right, to loosen and remove the dirt and grime from the surface and treads leaving the tyre clean.

Wipe your tyres clean

Using a specialist microfibre cloth or towel designed for rubber and vinyl, wipe the tyre surfaces to remove any excess dirt.

Check the entire surfaces for any spots you may have missed or need extra attention. Having thoroughly cleaned your tyres, you can move on to the next maintenance stage.

Protect your tyre to maintain quality

It is important to protect your tyres to maintain their quality and extend their lifespan – treating them with a quality tyre dressing will help.

Apply an appropriate tyre dressing and using a specialist applicator pad, thoroughly work the dressing into each tyre, ensuring that you cover every inch of the tyre surface with an even amount of product.

This coating will not only ensure that each tyre has an impressive high shine but will also keep the surface from accumulating dust and dirt and remain well protected! Ensure any excess dressing is removed – this is best achieved by using an appropriate strong microfibre cloth to wipe the tyres down thoroughly. This will leave your tyre surfaces with a deep black shine and help maintain that new vehicle look!

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