How to Get That New Car Smell Back in Your Car

How to Get That New Car Smell Back in Your Car

Buying a new car is always a thrill – that feeling when driving your new vehicle away from the showroom, or taking delivery of it at your home, is an exciting experience. It’s the look of the brand new, shiny, glossy finish of the car’s paint work, and other accessories, which make you smile from ear to ear.

There is, however, a secondary, sensory experience that goes with a brand new car – the smell! Climbing inside your car for the first time, you get that great aroma of the clean, crisp upholstery – the new carpets and the smells of leather, rubber and plastics from the dashboard, steering wheel and other features! These aromas do though, unfortunately, fade over time and that ‘brand new’ atmosphere dims. What would you give to sustain, or recapture, those smells? Well, there IS a way to recreate those aromas, and invoke those feelings again - Chemical Guys New Car Smell Air Freshener!


Smells Like Brand New Car Interior

This air freshener destroys any lingering smells within your car – whether it be from people eating and drinking, transporting pets backwards and forwards, or simply from people travelling in the car for a time – all these things can leave unwanted aromas behind. This spray not only provides the desired smell, but will also freshen up all of the upholstery and carpets

Freshens Air and Destroys Odour at Source

Active odour eliminators and neutralizers in the spray, tackle any undesirable smells at source, with the eliminator enzymes delivering a fresh scent that will last for weeks. Not only do these neutralizers remove existing unpleasant smells, but will also prevent new odours from occurring over a period of time.

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