How to maintain matte car paintwork with Chemical Guys

How to maintain matte car paintwork with Chemical Guys

There's something eye catching about a car with a matte finish. Unlike high gloss finishes you see on most well maintained cars, matte paintwork gives an understated look, and maintaining it is no small feat. 

Matte cars don't rely on a mirror like finish to stand out, instead they make a bold statement with muted yet commanding presence. This makes matte cars desirable to many but it also makes them more challenging to clean and maintain.

Special care is required when detailing a matte car, and thankfully Chemical Guys have developed a range of products purpose made for maintaining a matte finish. 

From cleaning to protecting, our matte range offers comprehensive solutions that help you not just maintain, but truly care for your matte car.

The basics of matte car care

It's important to understand that a matte finish is not like your typical car paint. The absence of a glossy appearance means that commonly used car waxes and polishes are off the table. 

A matte finish lacks the clear coat that essentially provides the glossy look on most car paintwork, this also means matte cars also lack the additional protection and can be more exposed to the elements.

Most car waxes are designed to enhance shine, which is the exact opposite of what you want to achieve on a matte car. You need car detailing products that are engineered for matte car cleaning. You should only use products that are pH-balanced and free from waxes, silicones and gloss enhancers. 

Meticulous Matte Auto Wash - A clean start

As with any thorough car detailing session, you need to start with a wash. However, with matte cars it's essential you use a car soap that's been specifically created for matte finishes. Step forward Meticulous Matte Auto Wash

The car shampoo for matte cars is pH-balanced and will deep clean the surface without adding any shine, ensuring that your matte finish retains it's look. 

Simply add a few capfuls to your car wash bucket and use a high quality wash mitt to gently clean the surface of your car. Ensure you rinse your car thoroughly as any soap residue can be particularly noticeable on matte paintwork.

The importance of proper drying

After washing your car, the next step is to dry. Skipping or cutting corners with drying is not an option with matte cars. Water spots will be obvious and really undermine the look. 

Chemical Guys have a wide range of quality microfiber towels which are designed to up ultra absorbent and won't scratch your matte surface. Gently dry your car to remove water spots and prepare the surface for further detailing.

Focus on finishing touches with Matte Quick Detailer

Now then you a have clean and dry matte vehicle, it's time to focus on the finer details. A matte car's beauty lies in the hard to notice details, which is why it's vital to use a product like Meticulous Matte Detailer

This wax free formula uses slick lubricants and premium cleansers to remove dirt, dust, debris, fingerprints, and water spots without scratching or adding unwanted gloss or shine. 

It not only cleans but also provides a layer of sealant that helps protect your finish against the elements. 

 What about car wax for matte cars?

As we've already mentioned, standard car waxes should be completely avoided for matte finishes. However, you can instead reach for Jetseal Matte - the world's first protective sealant specifically formulated to preserve the original satin sheen on matte paint. It won't add any unwanted shine or gloss. 

It's an ideal product for long term protection against fading, cracking and UV damage. 

Final thoughts

Maintaining a matte finish should be treated differently to other paintwork. It requires specialist detailing products and techniques to maintain a long lasting appearance. 

However, with the right detailing products and care, there's no reason why your matte car shouldn't stand the test of time. From the initial wash, through to the finishing touches, Chemical Guys has you covered.

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