Make Paint Work Shine With Streak Free Glossworkz Shampoo

Make Paint Work Shine With Streak Free Glossworkz Shampoo

Washing and maintaining your car is one of those tasks that people either love or hate – but whichever way you feel about it, we all accept that it needs to be done regularly – and everybody loves looking at the gleaming end result of a freshly detailed car! So, anything that gives you a helping hand towards achieving that blemish-free, perfect look is to be seriously considered! Chemical Guys Glossworkz shampoo is just that help – the best choice for your weekly maintenance wash.

It is estimated that 95% of swirls and scratches on a vehicle are caused by improper cleaning and drying methods and tools. Using Glossworkz shampoo helps eliminate those marks because it contains synthetic surface cleansers, and gloss enhancers, for a wash that will leave your paintwork shining. Glossworkz lifts dirt from vehicles and, at the same time, lubricates the surface to reduce the chance of scratching paintwork or causing damage to any sensitive area.

Why use Chemical Guys Glossworkz Shampoo?

  • It is a superior surface cleansing car shampoo that maximises gloss and shine
  • It has an enhanced formula proven to prevent scratches and swirl marks
  • It contains effective lubricating agents – the advanced lubricating polymers, not only improve the cleaning power, but also moisturize your vehicle’s paint surface
  • Glossworkz Auto Bath shampoo contains optical gloss enhancing agents that bring out the natural beauty of your paintwork and provides that extra shine
  • It is pH balanced and safe for wax and sealants – maintaining your vehicle’s wax, or sealant, layer is very important because it protects the car from damaging UV rays, water spots and other contaminants. Professional detailers prefer pH-balanced wash shampoos because of their powerful, but safe cleaning characteristics
  • Glossworkz shampoo is powerful - but gentle enough to be able to wash your vehicle in direct sunlight - without creating streaks or spots!
  • It contains superior developed hyper surfactants for more efficient dirt removal
  • It has a thicker, more concentrated formula – concentrated wash solutions give much better cleaning results, as well as offering better value for money

How best to use Glossworkz Shampoo

Chemical Guys Glossworkz shampoo can be applied through either a traditional two-bucket wash or alternatively, through a foam gun – or foam cannon – to produce the shining, professional results you want.

Here is a guide as how to best clean your vehicle:

  • Always start by washing wheels and tyres
  • Ensure buckets, cloths, towels and other cleaning tools, used for cleaning the car’s surface, are separate from those used to clean the wheels and tyres
  • Rinse the vehicle to remove loose grit and surface dirt before applying Glossworkz shampoo
  • Start washing the vehicle from the top down
  • Use a premium wash mitt
  • After washing each panel, rinse the mitt in a second, separate bucket of clean water and use to remove washed-off dirt for a scratch-free finish
  • Finally, rinse down the vehicle with a hose, allowing the water to sheet off the car
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