Professional car undercarriage cleaner tips with Chemical Guys' Bare Bones

Professional car undercarriage cleaner tips with Chemical Guys' Bare Bones

Are you ready for winter? Your car might have had a fresh wax or coat of CQuartz, meaning no salt particle or snowflake is likely to affect the paintwork. But have you thought about what lies beneath?

No detail is complete without undercarriage cleaning. After all, anything that changes your car's coat can also affect the bottom of your vehicle. For example, salt can accumulate under your vehicle resulting in extreme corrosion; therefore, you need a rustproof rubberised undercarriage spray for your car’s protection. That's where Chemical Guys' Bare Bones comes in.

Is caring for a vehicle’s underneath worth it?

Bare Bones prevents rusting both on your vehicle's coat and its undercarriage, delivering a long-lasting deep black finish. Using a dedicated DIY car undercarriage cleaner like this will not only make your life easier because you will not have to take your car to the detail shop, it is also a fun DIY activity. Plus, tending to your car can provide immense satisfaction.

Before dressing the underneath, you need to clean the built-up mud and grime. This way you can protect your car from overheating as the heat will be able to escape.

Follow these steps for a polished look to your car's undercarriage:

1. Clean the vehicle’s underneath with Chemical Guys Orange Degreaser for the removal of road grime and any dirt.

2. After all parts have dried, spray the Bare Bones dark shine protectant to all suspension parts and give it few minutes to dry.

3. After around ten minutes, buff any excess. You can choose to add more spray to let it soak in and buff the excess again for a deep black look.

4. Do the same for the wheel wells, fender liners, bumper covers, subframes, spring and any other suspension components.

5. For plastics and rubber parts that are extremely faded, you will need to repeat the dressing process using a microfiber towel to aid a deep penetration.

To find out more about how Chemical Guys' Bare Bones car undercarriage cleaner works, get in touch or check out our YouTube video.

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