Save Your Back With A Heavy Duty Bucket Lid

Save Your Back With A Heavy Duty Bucket Lid

The statistics make for startling reading. Over the last two decades in the UK, the chances of experiencing a disability due to lower back pain have gone up by 12%. Across Europe, there’s no more common cause behind medically sanctioned sick leave or early retirement.

Back pain can, of course, strike at any age and at any time. But there are a number of things you can do to protect yourself. When you bend over with your legs straight, for example, this places pressure on your back muscles, as well as the ligaments and joints of the lower back.

How using a Chemical Guys detailing bucket can help

While the link between reducing back pain and a bucket lid may not seem immediately obvious, a heavy-duty Chemical Guys bucket with a heavy-duty lid really could help save your back.

The lid converts the bucket into something you can sit, knee or step on comfortably, and it fits on any regular round bucket of around a 12” diameter including our heavy-duty detailing bucket.

And for something like car detailing, with all the hours spent on tasks from washing to polishing, waxing and more, not bending over really can help protect your back as you work on your vehicle’s lower areas.

(Of course, you also need to make sure that you help yourself by taking regular breaks as well.)

This product, available in red and black, is made from long-lasting, injection-moulded plastic, and it’s got an anti-slip texture at the top so to cut out the chances of sliding off it.

What’s more, when you’re not using it, the lid converts the bucket into a useful storage container for all your supplies such as bottles and brushes, and it will help keep microfiber towels dry until you need them.

So take a seat – and work smarter!

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