The Hex-Logic Pad Colour Chart

The Hex-Logic Pad Colour Chart

If you are looking to apply the best possible polished finish for your car, then you should consider Hex-Logic Pads to achieve an even cut and superior polished result.

Hex Logic Pads

Hex Logic polishing pads are designed and engineered with the very best durable detailing foams with a ‘hook and loop’ interface and V-cut channels, which increase the airflow and cooling characteristics.

The rounded profile of the pads allow for improved flex into any curve or contour of the vehicle surface, thus providing a smoother polishing performance.

Compared with a typical polishing pad, a Hex-Logic Pad has improved adhesives which form a strong bond and its’ surface grooves will spread over any product evenly. There is a wide range of pads, varying in density, smoothness and finishing capabilities.

Here is a Hex-Logic pad guide, detailing a breakdown of the different colours aligned with their strengths and uses:

hex logic pad colour chart

Yellow - Heavy Cutting Pad

The yellow cutting pad is a heavy cutting pad that, when used with a relevant compound or polish, will remove any especially heavy or severe marks from a painted finish.

This is the ‘strongest’, or ‘most aggressive’ of the Hex-Logic pad range, and should only be used on oxidized and older finishes. When using the yellow pad, you should always follow it with a fine polish applied with the orange pad and a white pad to refine the paint and finish.

Orange – Medium Heavy Cutting Pad

The orange medium to heavy cutting pad will remove any light to moderate flaws, such as scratches and swirls from painted finishes.

Green – Heavy Cutting Pad

The green pad is a heavy polishing pad. It differs from the yellow heavy pad in that it produces less spot heating, and is, therefore, ideal for removing scratches, oxidation, water spots and any swirl marks from a painted surface.

It is also ideal for applying any one-step cleaner wax or polish, thereby preparing the surface before restoring a deep gloss and shine.

White – Medium Cutting Pad

The white pad has a less dense foam formula, ideal for the application of cleaner waxes, micro-fine polishes and sealants. It is a medium to light polishing pad with a very light cutting power so can be used on any painted finish to restore a deep gloss and shine, having previously treated the surface with the harder pads to remove any heavy flaws.

Blue – Glaze & Cleaner Foam Pad

This is the lightest of the finishing pads – use the blue pad to apply the perfect coat of glaze over any painted surface to provide a super fine finish.

Black – Finishing Foam Pad

The black pad has a soft finish and has no cut, as such. Its’ composition is such that it will not remove any paint and is used to apply a perfect glaze finish to any painted surface.

Red – Perfection Ultra Fine Finishing Pad

The red pad has an ultra-soft composition and won’t remove paint. It is used to spread a coat of wax or sealant over particularly sensitive painted surfaces to produce a perfect finish.

NOTE: It is worth noting that clean pads will always provide a better finish. The polishing pads will fill up with residue as the job wears on, so ensure that you are either cleaning the pads as you go, or swap the pads out as the job progresses.

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