Use a Torqx Polisher to Achieve Precision Paint Correction

Use a Torqx Polisher to Achieve Precision Paint Correction

It’s always a lovely feeling when you get a new vehicle - and wouldn’t it be great if it could always retain the same shiny, brand new look, as on the day you got it? One way to achieve that, is to maintain your vehicle by regularly using a Torq random orbital polisher – a machine specifically designed to execute every aspect of detailing your vehicle, quickly and easily.

Whether you detail vehicles for a living, own a fleet of cars, or simply love to lavish care and attention on your own precious vehicle, then a Torq polisher will be an invaluable ally to you in keeping your car in pristine condition. Here are some reasons to consider investing in a Torqx random orbital polisher:

Features Of Torqx Random Polisher

  • Removes swirls, scratches, and other defects from all painted vehicles
  • Can apply wax, sealant and other glazes in minutes
  • Can be used to clean carpets, restore clarity to headlights and polish any metal, glass and optical plastic features of any vehicle
  • Easy to use – it fits comfortably in the hand and you don’t have to be a professional to use it and get great results
  • It has balanced internal design ideal for precision paint correction
  • Lightweight and uses latest technology to reduce vibration
  • Designed with streamlined controls providing maximum comfort on any vehicle surface
  • A dual action orbit that provides perfect polishing in any area – even on the most sensitive and durable paint finishes
  • It has a powerful 680w motor
  • Can be used on any vehicle or automotive surface– cars, boats, trucks – even airplanes

The Torq random orbital polisher also, importantly, has built-in safety features some other designs do not carry. Some machines can roll off elevated surfaces they’ve been placed on – the safety support ridge specially integrated into this design, adds increased stability, thus preventing that from happening.

In summary, use of a Torq random orbital polisher will allow you to deliver powerful, consistent polishing, paint correction and cleaning results with the minimum of effort from the user. It is one machine that will allow you to remove scratch and oxidation marks, clean spills and stains from the internal features, and spread the most brilliant coat of wax or sealant over sensitive paint finishes on your vehicle.

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