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Our polishing products and cutting compounds are most effectively applied using a polishing machine.

Car Cutting & Polishing

Achieving the perfect shine on your paintwork often requires more than just cleaning. Chemical Guys brings together a range of products and accessories that have redefined car cutting and polishing, mixing functionality and ease of use.

No matter how often you clean and protect your car, minor damage is unavoidable. From minor scratches to swirl marks and fading, your paintwork will endure the lot. With Chemical Guys you can remove these imperfections and bring back the paint's original shine.

Cutting compounds are specially formulated to gently remove fine layers of your car's clear coat. This action assists with smoothing out minor scratches and prepares the surface for further protection. Our cutting compounds are renowned for their ease of use and effectiveness, all designed to produce a cutting action that doesn't harm the paint.

Whether your a seasoned pro or a detailing enthusiast, you'll find our polishing products effective.