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Headlight Restoration & Cleaning

Vehicle headlights often go unnoticed until they have dulled or appear to have a yellow and cloudy appearance. Chemical Guys offer a range of products to efficiently clean and restore headlights.

Headlights can deteriorate due to exposure to direct sunlight, harsh weather conditions and road debris. Our range of headlight cleaning and restoration products are engineered to overcome these and restore brightness to car headlights.

Our headlight restorer products effectively remove oxidation, yellowing, and minor scratches. Their designed to be gentle on headlight materials, ensuring that they clean without causing further damage.

Our products are easy to apply, and they work quickly to lift the oxidised layer that causes cloudiness. With a few simple steps, including application, gentle buffing, and rinsing, your headlights can be restored to at least be close to their original clarity and brightness. Our headlight restorers also add a protective layer to shield headlights from future degradation.