Collection: Snow Foam

Our range of snow foam shampoos are designed to be used alongside a cannon or gun to create thick foamy suds that cling to the surface of your car. The clingy action allows the foam to break down and lift dirt or grime from the surface, making your contact wash far more effective and kinder to the paintwork.

Our car snow foams have been engineered to not just clean effectively but also enhance the shine of the paint. WIth Chemical Guys you can not only transform your car wash routine but also introduce an efficient and enjoyable process.

Use Snow Foam Like A Pro

Washing your car is not always fun, but essential if you want to maintain it's best appearance.

Using snow foam does just that – it clings to the surface and lifts any dirt and grime on the surface. It adds extra lubrication and makes the whole process easier, quicker and less work-intensive, whilst providing a scratch-free finish.

Going straight a full contact wash can result in minor scratches being caused my particles that remain on the surface.