Collection: Car Wash Soaps & Shampoo

Car Wash Soaps & Shampoo

Check out the entire range of car wash shampoos and soaps from Chemical Guys. Take your car washing to a new level with our specifically formulated car wash products designed to leave your vehicle with a showroom worthy finish. With Chemical Guys you get the perfect balance of power and car care, and our range offers something for every level of car enthusiast or professional detailer.

Plus, why settle for just a clean car when you can achieve a waxed finish simultaneously? Our products include car wash and wax products that combine powerful and effective car cleaning, with the protective benefits of car wax. Enjoy a glossy, water beading finish to your vehicle's exterior that turns heads wherever you go.

You'll find our car wash products are PH-neutral which ensures a save and effective clean without damaging delicate paint work or protective coatings. With Chemical Guys you can maintaun the integrity of your car's exterior surfaces whilst enjoying a spotless appearance. Our car shampoo range also includes waterless car wash products, snow foam, water spot removers and surface cleaners.

Transform your car washing routine with Chemical Guys car wash shampoo products. Browse our collection and give your car the attention is deserves.