Collection: Wheel & Rim Cleaning Products

Wheel & Rim Cleaning Products

Car wheel and rim cleaning is an aspect of car detailing that often gets overlooked. However, clean and fresh looking wheels can dramatically enhance the appearance of any vehicle.

Wheels can easily accumulate brake dust, road grime, tar and road salt which becomes harder to remove and can cause damage if left on the surface. Thankfully, Chemical Guys has a range of wheel cleaning products and solutions specifically created to tackle these unique challenges.

Our easy to use products are designed to break down tough wheel grime without harming the wheel's surface. We have products that only only clean and restore the shine to your rims, but also add a protective layer to make ongoing cleaning far easier. Regular cleaning can significantly prolong the life and look of your wheels.

Many our products are ready to use. Simply spray or apply the product to your wheel and either use an applicator or wheel cleaning brush to agitate the surface and remove stubborn deposits. Our non abrasive formulas ensure that even the most delicate rim or wheel finishes are treated gently to prevent scratches and swirl marks.