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P40 Polish+ Silicone Free One Step Cleaner/Polish/Shine (16oz)

P40 Polish+ Silicone Free One Step Cleaner/Polish/Shine (16oz)

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P40 Polish is the ultimate all-in-one solution for achieving a flawless and brilliant shine on any vehicle. With its micro-abrasive technology and specialized paintwork cleansers, P40 can effectively eliminate a variety of imperfections such as swirls, scratches, hazing, oxidation, holograms, and other blemishes. Whether by hand or machine, P40 can easily restore paintwork to a stunningly polished finish. It is also versatile enough to be used on painted body panels, wheels, glass, and door jams, and works equally well on a variety of colors including black, red, white, blue, grey, green, and custom paint jobs.

What sets P40 apart is its extended work time due to special wetting agents, allowing for an ultra-refined finish without streaks, hazing, or holograms. It is the product of nearly a decade of development, with a formula that can quickly and easily deliver deep lustrous shine on both single stage and clear-coat finishes. P40 is perfect for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and any other vehicle that requires a top-notch polish. It is compatible with a wide range of machines, including Porter Cable, Rupes, Flex, and others.

Customers and clients have long sought a product that can deliver perfect results in a single step, and P40 Polish is the answer. With its advanced formula and unparalleled versatility, P40 is the ideal solution for anyone looking to achieve a professional-grade finish on their vehicle.

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