How to tailor your car detailing for the winter

How to tailor your car detailing for the winter

Keeping on top of your detailing game in the Winter brings a series of challenges that Chemical Guys can meet head on. We understand the process of maintaining your car’s great looks through snow, salt and arctic temperatures!

We’re going to equip you with insights and products that will combat everything that Winter driving can throw at your vehicle - from road salt to frozen water spots.

Prepare your vehicle exterior for Winter

Before the icy conditions arrive, it’s essential to prepare your vehicle. This begins by thoroughly washing your car using a Chemical Guys pH-neutral car wash shampoo such as Maxi Suds or Glossworkz. You should follow this with a clay bar treatment using a Chemical Guys clay bar kit to lift embedded particles and leave a pristine surface.

Once this stage is complete you should consider applying Hydrocharge Ceramic Coating. This advanced product will offer enhanced protection against road salt, moisture and freezing temperatures. All whilst providing a stunning finish.

Regularly wash your car through the Winter

Increasing the amount of times you wash your car in the Winter isn’t just for aesthetics, it’s an important step towards protecting your vehicle from harsh Winter elements. As temperatures drop UK roads become covered in salt and maybe snow, and your car has to battle through these elements that can easily end up damaging the exterior.

The Chemical Guys product range includes winter-friendly solutions that are designed to cleanse your vehicle without stripping away the protective layers you’ve applied. Regular washing removes road salt, which can corrode your paintwork if ignored. Utilising a snow foam cannon, with a quality snow foam car shampoo will offer an effective clean that removes grime and salt without needing a full contact wash.

Apply a wax or sealant to create a protective layer

Applying a car wax or sealant during the Winter is more than just for cosmetic reasons, it can be used as a strategic move to protect your vehicle from harsh Winter elements.

Chemical Guys Jetseal is an ideal choice as it provides protection against the harshest Winter elements whilst also leaving a brilliant shine. It creates a barrier that prevents contaminants bonding to the surface which makes your regular car washing far easier and kinder to your vehicle..

For a glossy finish with great protection, you could also consider applying Butter Wet Wax. The premium Carnauba based formula results in a deep shine whilst also acting as a barrier against the Winter.

A combination of premium products and timely application will give your vehicle resilience and style to meet the test of Winter.

Don't ignore your interior

Winter can also have a dramatic impact on your car’s interior. All your surfaces will come into contact with the same Winter elements such as moisture, road salt and ice. As you and your passengers get in and out of your vehicle, they will likely transfer outside elements into your vehicle.

Chemical Guys has a vast lineup of products that are tailored for each interior surface. Lightning Fast is perfect for carpets and upholstery, and Leather Cleaner & Conditioner will prevent your leather from drying and cracking caused by cold temperatures.

Plastic and vinyls can be guarded from fading and cracking easily using a quick interior detailer such as InnerClean.

Keeping on top of your interior detailing not only maintains its appearance and value, it’ll also make your journeys more comfortable and enjoyable.

Avoid automatic car washes

Automatic car washes often include brushes and other cleaning materials that can damage your vehicle’s paintwork. This is especially the case if you’re washing a car that has been exposed to winter contaminants. The risk of the wash resulting in scratches and / or swirl marks increases due to the abrasive materials grinding the paint.

Plus, car washes will likely not effectively clean hard to reach areas which will leave places for salt and grime to build up. This can lead to corrosion, with road salt being one of the most corrosive materials your vehicle will come into contact with.

Further risk of damage can be brought from insufficient drying which can lead to water freezing on the surface, and sudden shifts from hot wash water to freezing outside air.

To safeguard your vehicle we’d always recommend gentle hand washing, or if regular washing is required, touchless car washes. Using Chemical Guys products ensures a thorough and safe detailing process that provides great looks but also effective protection from the harsh effects of Winter.


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