Must have Chemical Guys products to achieve a showroom shine

Must have Chemical Guys products to achieve a showroom shine

All true car enthusiasts understand there’s more to cleaning your car than just a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. Making you car shine with perfection requires premium car detailing products and a little knowledge on how to use them.

Chemical Guys stands out as one of the most trusted brands on the market. We’ve come up with 5 easy to use products to make your car shine.

The Art Of Proper Car Detailing

Before we look at any specific products, let’s take a moment to appreciate the art of car detailing. When we say car detailing, we’re not just referring to removing dirt with a quick wash. Detailing is a structured process that when done right not only elevates the vehicle's aesthetic appeal, it can also prolong it’s life.

From the paintwork, to the tires and engine bay, each area required specialised care and specific products.

Citrus Wash & Gloss Concentrated Car Wash

There’s something genuinely refreshing about the scent of citrus. When you combine that we with an effective cleaning agent, you have a winning formula. Citrus wash isn’t just a run of the mill car wash shampoo. It’s formulated with citrus extracts and hyper surfactants that thoroughly cleanse the surface of your car.

Every drop works diligently to lift dirt, grime and road contaminants to leave a spotless surface. Plus, as the name suggests, it leaves an eye-catching glossy finish and ensures you’re vehicle enjoys a deep clean.



VRP Protectant (Vinyl, Rubber & Plastic)

Detailing isn’t just about focusing on the car’s outer paintwork, what about the other components?

Any additional interior and exterior surface made of vinyl, plastic or rubber (such as tires, dashboards, trims and bumpers), also need regular care to maintain their integrity.

Enter VRP Protectant. There are similar products on the market that leave an oily or greasy residue behind. However, VRP is water based, which ensures your surfaces are enriched without any unpleasant aftermath.

VRP is not only an effective cleaner, it also adds a protective barrier that shields surfaces from harm UV rays which can cause fading.


Butter Wet Wax

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the surface of your car it’s time to move onto protecting it. This is where Butter Wet Wax comes into it’s own. Adding wax not only adds protection and a deep shine, it’s also ensure your detailing efforts last longer, which in turn makes regular washes much easier.

Butter Wet Wax is made from pure carnauba based wax and guarantees a deep shine. A key feature of Butter Wet Wax compared to other waxes is it’s ease of application. It’s a hassle free car wax that removes the need for rigorous buffing.


Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Gloss Spray Sealant & Quick Detailer

We understand how life can get busy and sometime dedicating hours to car detailing can be a challenge. For such times, Hybrid V7 has got your back. The dual use product works effectively has both a quick detailer and a sealant.

A few sprays and some buffing are enough to remove minor imperfections and restore your glossing finish. V7 also adds a protective layer against potential contaminants, ensuring your vehicle is safeguarded between longer detailing sessions.

Clay Bar & Luber Synthetic Kit

A clay bar is arguably the unsung hero of car detailing.

We recently answered commonly asked questions about clay barring.

It may be simple in appearance but a clay bar works wonders on refining the surface of a car. The purpose is to exfoliate the paintwork, removing the surface of all microscopic contaminants and ensuring you are left with a smooth finish. Be careful though, clay barring is a relatively advanced technique that will also remove any waxes and protectants you have applied. It should be the started of a thorough detailing session.


We're hope you're on board

Look at your car detailing products as an investment. An investment in the longevity and overall health of your car. At Chemical Guys our experience has enabled us to develop an extensive range of products to ensure every aspect of your vehicle is catered for. Our products are bound to transform your car care where every journey can feel like a trip in a car fresh out the showroom.
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