How to Use a Foam Cannon to Wash My Car

How to Use a Foam Cannon to Wash My Car

Washing your car is not always fun, but essential if we want to maintain the best appearance for our vehicle. Anything that makes the task easier, or more enjoyable, is, therefore, welcome!

Using a Torq Foam Cannon does just that – it provides a thick foam that sticks to, and breaks down, any dirt and grime on your car surface. It adds extra lubrication and makes the whole process easier, quicker and less work-intensive, whilst providing a scratch-free finish to your vehicle.

How a Torq Foam Cannon Works

When you take your vehicle to a professional car wash, or detailer, they will endeavour to wash any dirt or grime from your car as gently as possible, as washing a car incorrectly can simply push the dirt around and grind scratches and swirls into your paint finish.

The Torq Foam Cannon works by adding a lubricated ‘blanket’ of foam and slippery car wash which loosens any abrasive dirt particles, without anyone actually touching the paint surface.

Follow these steps in how to use a foam cannon:

  • Fill the soap solution tank with water
  • Add 1-3 ounces of your selected car wash snow foam (depending on the size of your vehicle and its’ condition)
  • Remove any loose debris and grime by gently rinsing down your car with water
  • Attach the Torq Foam Cannon Snow Foamer and cover the car surface with suds
  • Using the soap mixture control knob, fine tune the foam thickness to the required level, then cover the vehicle with an even spread
  • The suds will then begin to break down, and lift, any stubborn dirt
  • As the foam slides down the vehicle, it gently pulls the dirt with it
  • Finish off by gently rubbing over with a high-quality microfiber cloth or wash-mitt

Reasons to use a Foam Cannon

A foam cannon provides the perfect solution for washing any vehicle using snow foam technology.

  • Cleans any vehicle with concentrated foam power
  • Allows you to clean your vehicle to the same standard as a professional car detailer
  • Removes dirt from even the smallest crack or crevice and reduces swirl marks from the car surface
  • Components made from solid brass resist corrosion, and high-quality plastics reject any harmful UV rays
  • Combining the foam cannon with a pressure washer uses less water than a conventional hose and bucket wash
  • Advanced air-injection system combines the perfect amount of car wash shampoo, water and oxygen to create the soapy foam that clings to any vehicle surface.
  • It can be used as “touch-free” wash for dirty or dusty vehicles
  • Allows precision control through the fully adjustable, vertical jet nozzle, thus creating the perfect wash foam spread
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