Top 5 Foam Cannon Tips & Tricks

Top 5 Foam Cannon Tips & Tricks

Washing your car can sometimes seem like a chore for some people – however, you can have some fun with it too! Using a torq foam cannon to detail your car can make the task seem more enjoyable and deliver great results too, leaving your car looking showroom clean!

Here are a few tips as how to get the best performance and results from washing your car this way:

Select The Best Pressure Washer

When deciding to foam your car, it is not just about using the best foam cannon available – it’s important to use the right pressure washer as well!

Electric pressure washers are good – they are easier to use and more portable than the gas pressure equivalent washers. Electric washers, however, don’t usually produce the same required PSI or GPM as gas pressure washers – and it’s these factors that deliver the thicker foam. So just check the pressure delivery from your specific washers – if it falls within the specified PSI or GPM requirements of the foam washer, then it doesn’t make any difference as to whether it’s gas or electric.

Choose appropriate car wash foam shampoo

There are a number of different foam solution options you can buy – but it is important to select the most appropriate snow foam soap to achieve the best results. Ideally, you should opt for a soap solution that guarantees to create a thick foam – there are soap solutions available that are specially designed to create this thick foam, whilst also providing a delicious-smelling product to wash your car with!

Warm water creates the most effective suds

You should use warm water to aerate the soap solution and water mix – this creates the most effective suds. The professional foam cannon is equipped with advanced technology to produce the perfect blend of water, air and soap to produce, and shoot, thick foam – so there is no need to shake the solution aggressively inside the canister. Simply mix the solution gently by swirling the bottle in a circular motion – this will prevent any excessive build-up of foam.

Rinse your car before you start

Very simple – just rinse your car all-over before you start the foaming exercise. This removes the immediate, surface dirt, thus preventing it from being rubbed into the paint surface. Use a pressure washer to rinse the car thoroughly, then foam!

Always clean and maintain your equipment

Whenever you use tools for any job, if you want to get the best performance from them, and longevity of use, then it is important to maintain and look after them. A foam cannon is no different – if you don’t clean it properly after use, then you run the risk of calcium deposits forming which will reduce, then eventually stop, the cannon from shooting the maximum amount of foam.

When you have finished using your foam cannon, you should thoroughly rinse away any remaining residue – this is best achieved by disposing of any leftover solution from the bottle, then use clean water to rinse it out. Refill it with fresh, clean water and reattach the bottle to the foam cannon and shoot the clean water through it until it runs clear from the cannon with no evidence of soapy water or foam. Then dry, and store away safely.    

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