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Spinner Carpet Drill Brush - Light Duty

Spinner Carpet Drill Brush - Light Duty

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The Light Duty Spinner Multi-Surface Drill Brush is the extra soft brush that attaches to your drill and does all the work for you to remove light to moderate stains and gently clean upholstery and fabric! Sit back, relax, and watch as the Spinner easily cleans away dirt, grime, and stains from your car, home, office, and more!

Awesome Drill Brush Features:

  • Extra soft duty grey bristles easily clean light to moderate stains
  • Save time by letting your drill do all the work for you
  • Gently clean upholstery, fabrics, seats & more
  • Light duty, nylon bristles reach deep into fibers
  • Gently lifts out deep-set stains and dirt
  • 5 inch diameter offers wide surface coverage for fast work
  • Attaches to any standard drill
  • Works hard so you don’t have to
  • Professional grade results you can achieve yourself
  • For best results use the drill on lower speed settings

Let Your Drill Do All The Hard Work

The Light Duty Spinner Multi-Surface Drill Brush harnesses the power of your drill and works hard so you don’t have to! Instead of spending hours on end, breaking your back, and tiring your arms scrubbing back and forth, now you can simply attach the Spinner to your drill and watch as it gives you amazing deep-cleaning results in a fraction of the time! Dirt and stains get trapped deep within the numerous individual fibers in your fabric and upholstery and can make cleaning them a tall task. The Spinner works to separate those fibers and draw dirt and stains out! It’s that easy with the Light Duty Spinner Multi-Surface Drill Brush!

Deep Clean With Ease

Deep-set stains require a deep clean. You could spend hour after hour scrubbing and scrubbing with a normal brush, or you could spend tons of money to hire a cleaning service, but why not save yourself all that time and money and call in the Spinner? The Spinner is the easy and affordable way to get deep cleaning results all on your own. The Light Duty Spinner Multi-Surface Drill Brush attaches to any standard drill and uses the machine’s power to reach deep into fibers and lift set-in stains and dirt. The Spinner’s hard-working bristles and powerful scrubbing action allow you to get expert results all on your own!

Perfect For Light-To-Moderate Stains

The Light Duty Spinner Multi-Surface Drill Brush is the perfect tool to gently clean upholstery, fabrics, seats, chairs, furniture, carpets, and more in your car, office, garage, van, truck, RV, and home! The light-duty bristles are perfect for those light-to-moderate stains that just need a good scrub. Like giving a baby a bath, The Spinner Light Duty is soft enough to clean upholstery and fabrics in your car, home, or office! If you’ve got a fresh stain that needs fast removal, the Spinner Multi-Surface Drill Brush Light Duty is the tool for the job!

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