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Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket

Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket

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Keep a close eye on exactly what's going on inside your car wash bucket with this Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket. See all the dirt that has accumulated and have fun at the same time.

  • Easily see when you need new wash water in your bucket
  • See what you’re pulling off your car
  • Snugly fits the Dirt Trap Wash Filter
  • Perfect for the two bucket method
  • Add fun to your car wash
  • Add colour to your car wash
  • Compatible with all Chemical Guys bucket accessories

The Clear Choice

A quality car was bucket is a staple of any detailing arsenal.

The Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket makes it easy to see right through so you know exactly when it’s time to drain your bucket and refill it with fresh, clean water. It’s the best way to make sure that your vehicle stays scratch-free!

Amazing For More Than Just Detailing

Fill it with water, sit on it, or stuff it full of your favorite Chemical Guys goodies… the Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket is the versatile bucket that every detailer needs.

Stay organized with towels in one bucket, 16oz bottles another, and accessories in a third clear bucket for an easily accessible and space saving arsenal that looks as amazing as it is efficient and organised.

Heavy Duty For Durability

Don’t just grab one Clear Detailing Bucket, pick up a couple - they’re perfect for the two bucket method and for holding tons of suds!

Stick in the Dirt Trap, then add your favorite Chemical Guys soap and watch as your bucket changes color to reflect the brilliant red of Watermelon Snow Foam, the green of Honeydew, or the sky blue of Glossworkz.

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