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Upholstery Brush with Hook & Loop Attach

Upholstery Brush with Hook & Loop Attach

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Why Buy This Product?
  • Seat and upholstery brush for machine polishers
  • Attaches to any 5 inch hook and loop backing plate
  • Long 1.5inch bristles gently scrub dirt, filth, and stains from seats and upholstery
  • Perfect for leather, vinyl, and cloth seats and fixtures
  • Easily remove stubborn stains and dirt
  • For dual action and rotary polishers

Powerful Seat And Upholstery Scrubbing Brush
The difference between professionals and amateurs is professionals work smarter, not harder. The Upholstery Brush With Hook & Loop Attachment turns any dual action polisher into an upholstery-scrubbing machine.

Why spend hours scrubbing at filth, spots, and stains by hand? Slap the Upholstery Brush onto your dual action polisher to quickly eradicate deep-set filth, body oils, and stains from leather, vinyl, or cloth seats and upholstery in any vehicle. Harness the power of your favourite machine polisher to spot-treat small spills and stains, or clean entire vehicle interiors with the Upholstery Brush in minutes.

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