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FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plate With Hyper Flex Technology

FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plate With Hyper Flex Technology

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The FlexWorks Rotary Backing plate is lightweight, low-mass, and flexible for superior backing of 6.5” buffing and polishing pads for rapid paint correction that follows every curve and contour.

Use This To: 

  • Conform to the curve for better polishing
  • Help ensure even paint removal
  • Fit any type of rotary sold today
  • Polish paintwork, clear plastic, glass, and metal
  • Minimize damage danger

Adapts To Surface For Even Polishing Pressure

Polishing a curve with a stiff backing plate puts pressure on the edges of the pad, creating extra friction that burns paint with holograms and buffer trails. FlexWorks Backing Plates help the buffing pad fill in every bit of curve and contour, spreading polishing force evenly across the surface. The FlexWorks Backing Plate bends, flexes, adapts, and adjusts to move with you, not work against you.

Crystal Clear Clarity In Less Time

Unlike cheaper backing plates, FlexWorks is checked for perfect balance once manufactured to ensure it spins without wobbling, which can cause uneven heat burns and paint damage while polishing. A reinforced aluminum thread and impact-resistant plastic backing body creates a super-strong base for the plush flexible foam to attach to for millions of revolutions of reliable detailing use.

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