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Power Drill Adapter for Rotary Backing Plates

Power Drill Adapter for Rotary Backing Plates

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Turns any corded or cordless power drill into a compact, versatile, and powerful rotary polisher.

Use This To: 

  • Easily polish those hard to reach areas
  • Turn any power drill into a rotary polisher
  • Polish headlights on the go
  • Travel light and compact
  • Polish small areas with limited access to power

Go Where A Bulky Polisher Won't Fit

Some detailing jobs require access to tight and compact areas where power drills fit easier than bulky polishers. Attach any rotary backing plate to any standard power drill with the Good Screw, then use a buffing pad to remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation. Polish hard to reach spots, door jambs, under hoods, headlights, tail lights, exhaust tips, and anywhere else rotary polishers don’t fit.

Works With Any Power Drill

Rotary polishers are the most popular machine polisher, so backing plates and accessories are widely available and highly customizable. The Good Screw fits in place of any standard drill bit, then any standard rotary backing plate screws directly onto The Good Screw. Simply attach the Good Screw to any power drill, screw on a rotary backing plate, then slap on a buffing pad and get to work!

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