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Swift Wipe Complete Waterless Car Wash

Swift Wipe Complete Waterless Car Wash

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Save water and time with Swift Wipe, the next generation waterless car wash that rapidly and safely lifts away dust, dirt, and grime, then protects with a layer of high-shine sealant.

  • Quickly wash your car without one drop of water
  • Finish your wash off with a layer of sealant
  • Wash, shine, and protect in one step
  • Add deep reflection and gloss on the go
  • Full car wash in a bottle
  • Perform a full car wash indoors

Wash your car anywhere

Sometimes regular access to water and a hose is not easy, but your car still needs the attention of a full wash. With Swift Wipe, you can easily remove dirt and grime and give your car a full wash and shine without the need for water.

The surface of your car will not only be spotless, but they'll also shine bright with advanced gloss enhancers. With every spray, you are finishing off with a coat of  sealant to enhance shine and durability against the elements!

Swift Wipe cleans painted surfaces, wheels, glass, clear optical plastic, bumpers, window trim, exhaust tips, engine bays, door jambs, and more.


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