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The Stranger Ultra Clear Bucket Kit

The Stranger Ultra Clear Bucket Kit

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Introducing the Stranger Ultra Clear Bucket Kit, a comprehensive set designed to elevate your detailing experience. This kit includes the following items:

Heavy Duty Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket, 4.25 Gal, Smoked Obsidian Black Add a touch of sophistication to your detailing routine with the Heavy Duty Ultra Clear Smoked Obsidian Black Bucket. Beyond its stylish appearance, this 4.25-gallon bucket is a functional essential for effective detailing.

Cyclone Dirt Trap Experience a perfect scratch-free wash with the Cyclone Dirt Trap. This car wash filter features nearly 300 cyclonic funnels, trapping dirty wash water under the filter and preventing abrasive particles from reaching your mitt.

The Stranger Helpful Handy Mitt Wash and detail with ultimate flexibility using The Stranger Helpful Handy Mitt. This unique five-fingered wash glove conforms to the shape of your hand, ensuring you can reach all tight cracks and crevices effortlessly.

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