How do you clean car interior fabric?

How do you clean car interior fabric?

Keeping the fabric inside your car clean isn't just about appearances, it's crucial to maintaining the quality and comfort of the material, along with the overall resale value of the vehicle. 

For those of you who are wanting to tackle often overlooked interior fabrics, Chemical Guys offers solutions to rejuvenate any weary upholstery in your car. In this guide you'll learn how to transform your dirty or grimy fabrics to a showroom level finish.

Want to learn how to breath new life into your fabrics? Read on.

Why choose Chemical Guys?

Opting for Chemical Guys isn't just about cleaning your car, it's about using products that have been specifically engineered to meet every challenge you'll face around your vehicle. 

Our car fabric cleaning products are designed to refresh, deodorise and protect your interiors. To achieve results that feel as good as they look.

Step 1: Inspect your car's fabrics and upholstery

Before you start any detailing session it's always worthwhile inspecting the job in front of you. This is also the time to remove any items that may get in the way such as rubbish or any larger debris. This will make the actual cleaning process more effective. 

Take time to get an understanding of the worst areas, those places that will need extra attention. These are often harder to spot once you begin the actual clean.

Step 2: Vacuum loose dirt

The goal from a good vacuum is to remove all loose dirt and dust. This will prevent the particles becoming further embedded during the clean. It's worth working in sections to ensure every part of the fabric is treated. 

Considering using a brush attachment in order to not cause any damage and ensure you hoover all the hard to reach places.

Step 3 - Spot clean obvious stains

The first part of the clean should give special attention to the worst areas. This is the stage where you should tackle obvious stains or stubborn marks before doing a wider clean. This is where Lightning Fast comes into it's own with the way it breaks down stains on fabric with relative ease. 

Spray this stain extractor directly onto the problem spots and allow it a few moments to penetrate the fabric. We recommend using an upholstery brush to work the product deep into the material and to agitate the fibres. The stain will begin to lift away as you go. 

Step 4 - Reach for the fabric shampoo

It's now time to give your fabrics a deep and refreshing clean with our car fabric shampoo. This is the stage where most of the cleaning happens which will not just make it look fresh, it will also revive your mats, carpets and seats. 

Spray the product lightly across the surface, being careful to not oversaturate. You want enough product to clean the material, you don't want so much that it soaks in.

At this point you have a few accessory options. For a deepest clean and to achieve the best results we recommend the use of a carpet drill brush. This is a brush that attaches to any standard electric drill. It will give the fabric a deep clean with the bristles working deep into the material. It's likely you'll see the shampoo change colour with the dirt you're lifting away. 

Once the fabric has been thoroughly cleaned, take a microfibre towel and wipe the surface to remove the now loosened dirt away. The result should not only be cleaner fabrics but all odors should be eliminated to leave a fresher smell.

Step 5 - Add protection

Once cleaning is complete, you're not quite finished. You should take measures to ensure your fabrics remain cleaner and fresher for longer. Adding this stage should also reduce the time you need to spend cleaning in the future. 

When your fabrics have completely dried, add a layer of protection using a fabric guard like HydroThread. Spray the product onto your fabrics in a sweeping motion to get even coverage. You only want a light mist and you can always add more if needed. 

HydroThread is built to resist stains from accidental spills and repel water. It also assists in preventing fading from UV rays - it's the complete protection for interior fabrics.


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