Car Wax Vs Car Sealants - What's the Difference?

Car Wax Vs Car Sealants - What's the Difference?

Many people think that car wax and car sealants are just different terminology for the same thing – they are both car cleaning products that protect the paintwork on your car.

There are, however, differences between them – and what you choose to use on your vehicle comes down to climate, lifestyle and personal preference.

Here are some details on the differences to help you decide what to choose to use on your own particular car:

Car Wax

There are a number of different car waxes available, from man-made polymer wax, to combination polish waxes and Carnauba wax – a highly regarded natural wax.

The way in which waxes work is that they sit on top of your car paint surface and create deeper colours and a ‘liquid wet’ appearance, whilst providing a natural, breathable paint protection from heat, moisture, oxidation and harmful UV rays.

Carnauba Wax

This is a wax that comes from a palm tree known as the Brazilian Tree of Life and is the recommended wax product by professional car detailers and enthusiasts.

Combination polish wax

Many people think that this is a good option in that it can eliminate the need for a separate polish – however, it may be considered a bit of a compromise on the quality, as the wax element acts as a lubricant and therefore diminishes the effect of the polish aspect.

Choose wisely

Choosing wax, in general, will probably necessitate more time and effort in maintaining the finish on your car. Other elements, such as where the car is stored, how often it is used and the general climate conditions in which you live, can determine and affect the durability of wax.

Car Sealants

A preferred option of professional car detailers, sealants are generally easier to use and provide a harder and longer-lasting finish.

These particular car detailing products are man-made and offer a higher level of protection whilst providing a lovely finish to the paint. Unlike a wax, which lays on the paint surface, a sealant will create a protective shell for up to six months or longer, by affixing itself to the paint surface. It provides a ‘glass-like’ finish and requires fewer applications than a wax treatment.

To conclude

It really comes down to personal preference – some ‘purists’ will opt for the more labour-intensive, but more ‘natural’ look and finish of a car wax, whilst others will prefer the convenience, durability and look of a sealant. Some may even opt to combine the two – the more durable protection of a sealant, then apply a Carnauba wax over the top to produce that deeper, richer colour to obtain the best of both worlds! Whichever you choose, you can ensure your car looks its’ best when you’re out and about.

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