Clean a convertible roof with Chemical Guys Top Cleaner

Clean a convertible roof with Chemical Guys Top Cleaner

There’s nothing better on a bright, warm day than climbing into your car and being able to take off, or retract, the convertible roof and enjoy the wind in your hair as you drive along. We do, however, live in a climate where that situation is not, unfortunately, an everyday occurrence. For a large part of the year, the roof stays firmly in place – so it needs to always be looking pristine!

Convertible roofs are notoriously difficult to maintain, and trying to clean them with soap and water is never advisable – it can often stain the sensitive fabrics. It’s always a good idea to use a specialised, convertible top cleaner for this task – here are some things to consider when deciding what best to use:

Deep Cleaning

You’ll need something that provides a deep cleaning action, yet still be kind to the roof materials. Chemical Guys Convertible Top Cleaner has a unique formula which removes any stains, or dirt, from the rooftop, by breaking down the dirt and lifting it away in seconds. It has a special formula that works on any convertible top material – vinyl, fabric, canvas, textile or synthetics. It can remove grease, road grime, tar, water spots, bird droppings and any generally amassed dirt. Chemical Guys Top Cleaner will help maintain the factory appearance of your car’s soft-top and restore, and maintain, the original colours – all whilst treating the fibres kindly and protecting them!

What You Need

In order to properly clean your vehicle’s convertible roof, you’ll need a couple of things besides your Chemical Guys Top Cleaner. Firstly, a Convertible Top Brush that uses soft, natural horse hair bristles, that will help deep-clean embedded dirt and stains. This will provide tough, industrial strength scrubbing but, at the same time, protect the fabric surface. You’ll also need microfiber towels – this will provide a great buffed finish, again, without harming the roof’s delicate material.

How To Use It

It’s an easy process to get you the look and finish you want for your convertible roof. First, shake and spray the Convertible Top Cleaner on to your roof, then gently scrub the formula into the roof surface and wipe off the residue with clean microfiber cloths – it couldn’t be simpler – but will leave your car with that professionally detailed look!

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