Never wash your car again without a cyclone dirt trap

Never wash your car again without a cyclone dirt trap

Have you ever washed your car, and stood back to admire the shiny results of your hard work, only to find that the paintwork is full of tiny little scratches? It’s no doubt happened to many of us when we’ve washed our vehicles, or even when we’ve taken our pride and joy to a garage for a professional wash.

These tiny scratches and swirls are caused by particles of dirt that get into your car wash mitt as you wash. Picked up from the car’s surface by your mitt or sponge, they then disperse into the water in your bucket. Each time you dip your sponge into that water, you are increasingly picking up grains of dirt and then effectively giving your car a sandpapering rather than a smooth wash.

Avoid the damage with every wash

The bad news is, once these little scratches are on your paintwork, they are there to stay unless you take your car to the garage for a paint job or a polish. However, the good news is that this is now completely avoidable!

Did you know that the key to a scratch free car wash is as simple as putting a special plastic insert in the bottom of your bucket? The cyclone dirt trap has to be every car owner’s dream. A small, circular insert, the dirt trap is simply pushed into the bottom part of a round bucket – such as the popular Chemical Guys bucket – and sits there throughout your wash, absorbing dirt.

Once pushed down as far as it will go in your bucket, this revolutionary cleaning device is covered in lots of small holes that funnel the dirt into the section of bucket below it, trapping it there so that it cannot re-enter your sponge.

Each time you dip the sponge in the bucket, just give it a good squeeze against the cyclone dirt trap to make sure all dirt is deposited.

Scratches are expensive to fix - and annoying!

Car insurance won’t cover those little dirt scrapes and swirls. Even cosmetic car insurance is unlikely to cover paint damage caused by washing with a dirty cloth or sponge - you will likely need to fork out for this damage yourself. And while dirt scrapes are a minor issue, they can really dull a car’s shine - not to mention being highly annoying for owners!

Always use a dirt trap

Dirty cleaning cloths are one of the top causes of damage to a car’s paintwork - so never wash without a dirt trap again! Your sponge will be clean and free from dirt with every dip.


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