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Foaming Trigger Spray Bottle (32 oz)

Foaming Trigger Spray Bottle (32 oz)

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Why Buy This Product?

  • Sprays thick clingy cleaning foam
  • Professional quality sprayer bottle
  • Comfort-grip sprayer head handle and trigger
  • Pumps out 3.5 ml of product per stroke; nearly 4X more than standard sprayers
  • Large 32 oz bottle capacity for extended detailing range
  • Chemical-resistant bottle and sprayer stand up to the toughest detailing chemicals
  • Dilution ratio graphics show you how to mix your own custom-strength cleaning product
  • Durable materials resist cracking and fading from UV sunlight

About This Bottle

The Chemical Guys Duck Foaming Sprayer turns any car cleaning chemical into a powerful foaming mega cleaner! Spraying a car cleaner onto the surface is an efficient way to coat a dirty car part, but a thin liquid could just run down the surface. Every pull of the Duck Trigger sprayer pumps out 3.5 ml of cleaning product foam for fast and efficient coverage of any area, large or small. Spray the cleaner from the Duck Foaming Trigger, and turn the thin liquid into thick sticky foam. When a cleaner is in a foam, it has time to stick onto the dirty car part and actually work to clean and degrease the area. Fill the Ducky Foaming Sprayer & Bottle with your favorite Chemical Guys degreaser, wheel cleaner, or all-purpose cleaner to turbocharge your detailing process! Foam up a dirty engine bay with Signature Series Orange Degreaser to remove oil, brake fluid, and dirt. Spray Diablo Wheel Gel foam on wheels, brakes, and undercarriage parts for enhanced cleaning power with less scrubbing. Spray Lightning Fast Stain Extractor foam onto carpets to break down stains and lift dirt and grime to the surface of the foaming bubbles. Foam up some Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and float body oils and dirt out from the pores of leather for easy cleaning and degreasing. The extra large 32 oz solution bottle comes printed with a convenient dilution ratio chart on the side for easy mixing and blending of your own custom strength cleaning chemical. The possibilities are just about endless with the Duck Foaming Trigger Sprayer & Bottle. Professional detailers choose tools that get better results, use less product, and last for years of dependable use. Upgrade your sprayers to the Duck Foaming Trigger Sprayer, and see why professionals use the foaming cleaner action for their detailing jobs inside and outside their vehicles.


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