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Redline Hyper Seal Wax and Sealant for Motorcycles (16oz)

Redline Hyper Seal Wax and Sealant for Motorcycles (16oz)

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Chemical Guys Redline Hyper Seal is a revolutionary product that offers unparalleled protection and shine for motorcycles. Its hybrid formula combines optical select gloss enhancers, pure carnauba wax, and synthetic protection polymers to create a powerful compound that delivers a brilliant wet shine, repels contaminants, pollution, and water spots, and shields motorcycle paintwork and plastic fairings from fading and discoloration caused by the sun.

Redline Hyper Seal contains 100% grade A carnauba wax, which is renowned for its unique protective properties and signature appearance. This natural wax is blended with synthetic sealant polymers and compounds to increase the durability of the protective shine from just a few months to up to one year, with just one application. This ensures that the shine and protection last longer than ever before.

Motorcycle fairings are particularly susceptible to fading and crazing due to exposure to harsh UV sunlight and weather. Redline Hyper Seal bonds to the plastic and repels harmful UVA and UVB rays, which can degrade, fade, and oxidize clear and colored plastic motorcycle fairings and windscreens. This ensures that your motorcycle looks great for longer.

If you want to take your motorcycle protection and shine to the next level, Chemical Guys Redline Hyper Seal is the product for you. Its advanced formula ensures that your motorcycle remains protected and shining for up to one year, making it the ultimate choice for any motorcycle enthusiast.

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